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Understanding Government's and NGO's initiatives in the Mhealth Ecosystem in Kenya

Samsung Kenya partners with m:Lab East Africa to bring the second MHealth focused Wireless Wednesday meetup on 7th November 2012. The event is themed: ‘‘Understanding Government’s and NGO’s initiatives in the Mhealth Ecosystem in Kenya.” This event aims to let the stakeholders in the MHealth Ecosystem know, understand and discussion what the government as well as non-governmental institutions are doing and how the other stakeholders can collaborate in these initiatives to enhance the Ecosystem. 698px-Samsung_Logo-small This is the second meet up on mobile for health this year. The first of these meetups was held on Wednesday 3rd October at m:lab’s premises and was themed “Understanding Kenya’s mHealth Ecosystem”.

The meetup will be attended by representatives from Health NGOs, Government, Phone Manufacturers, mobile operators, entrepreneurs, mobile app developers among others. Key discussants during the event will be:

  • Dr. Ogara Esther- Head of eHealth (GoK)
  • Khalila Salim – E-merge Consulting
  • Victor Gathara – Text for Change
  • James Ngatia – Telehealth Society of Kenya
  • Dr.Davies Kimanga – NASCOP
  • Among others...

All the stakeholders have a role to play in the ecosystem.Government has a role in providing basic healthcare to its citizens, cost effectively. Also through the ministries of Public Health and Sanitation, Medical Services and other government facets, the government plays a key role in in health development by strengthening health systems, finance and provision of other resources. This allows health systems to improve healthcare, reduce the cost of services and effectively respond to health needs. They also advise on vaccines, conduct vital researches and ensure preventive measures are put in place through early information dissemination and preventive infrastructures in case of outbreaks.


Attendees during the previous Wireless Wednesday

  Non-governmental institutions mostly work with donors to provide health care to marginalized and conflict zones. Some work very closely with the government in researches and provision of capacity development in areas of need to develop sustainable health solutions. They also help in identifying and training communities on health related issues, this can give them a crucial role in the MHealth ecosystem by being the community mobilization agents. NGO’s also support outreaches that are health focused, this gives them the linkage role in the Mhealth ecosystem. They can be the bridge between the other stakeholders in the Ecosystem and especially between the community and health providers. Because of their nature of operation,NGO’s can help in locating and mapping initiatives in the MHealth ecosystem as well as the vulnerable pockets within the ecosystem that can help other stakeholders, especially the government in ensuring availability of health services. They can facilitate sustainable health programs, advocate for Mhealth initiatives, capacity building and ensure quality assurance of health providers; be they private sector, government or other institutions to improve the Mhealth Ecosystem. To understand what initiatives the government and NGOs have in the Kenyan MHealth Ecosystem, join us on 7th November 2012 at m:Lab East Africa premises. Sign up HERE to participate in the event. About Wireless Wednesday Wireless Wednesday meetups are aimed at creating a forum for exchange of views and networking between mobile application developers and practitioners in various industry sectors. The series of meetups on mHealth in particular aims to give the different stakeholders in the health sector a platform to share their thoughts on how to grow

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the regional mHealth ecosystem.

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