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Reverse engineering an android application

On the February edition of #TechTrend 2015, Samuel Kihahu ( Security Engineer) affiliated to Infosec Kenya and Africa Hackon was the guest speaker.
This was a follow-up edition to Solomon Jade’s edition of GSM security during September 2014 #Techtrend

TechTrend is an m:lab East Africa initiative that focuses on technology trends in the mobile developer world and mentoring sessions for upcoming mobile developers by incubated startups, individuals or established tech companies.

Security is a major concern to the world today. It affects data’s:


  • Confidentiality
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  • Integrity
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  • and Availability

Samuel took the devs through a step-by-step process where they were able to return their .apk files (android compiled program) back to .jar file using dex2jar and jdgui
The full presentation can be found on his blog.
Most developers have always thought their applications were full proof after compiling to .apk
It’s thus necessary for developers to always secure their code through:


  • Obfuscating code
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  • Protecting one’s API’s
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  • Encrypting data at rest/ at transmit
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  • Always filtering user data


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