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Partner with Chase Bank, m:lab and iHub to build your startup!

 Chase Bank is at the epicentre of the entrepreneurial ecosystem offering various types of support to startups as well as empowering entrepreneurs to realise their dreams. For about a year now, Chase Bank has collaborated with iHub and m:lab to nurture the Kenyan innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems. We are now looking to directly offer a unique and valuable opportunity to game-changing startups in FinTech and/or those that rely on aspects of financial inclusion. We understand that the tech environment is dynamic and that you want a partner to not only keep up but also accelerate your success.
For the next few months we endeavour to support two startups through a mutually beneficial partnership that will see Chase Bank provide the following:


  1. Free financial consultation
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  3. Potential Integration of your innovation with Chase Bank systems

In addition, the iHub and m:lab commit to providing:


  1. iHub membership and all its accrued benefits (6 months-1year)
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  3. Mentorship for three months
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  5. Advisory services in areas such as market research and legal.
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  7. Opportunities to attend training sessions at m:lab (For developer trainings, a subsidised rate will apply)

Criteria for selection


  1. Your product should be in FinTech or rely on financial services/improve financial inclusion
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  3. Have at least a working prototype
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  5. The business should be registered as a legal entity

If this opportunity appeals to your start-up business, please send a brief write-up to[email protected]by August 13th 2015. The write-up should include the following information:


  1. Business/Company Profile
    To cover:
    History/background; key personnel; etc
  2. o

  3. Solution overview
    To cover: Definition of user need/area solution covers; Description of solution; target customers; revenue models/sustainability model
  4. o

  5. Purpose for support sought
    To cover: why support is needed; what support will be used for; etc

This article was written by GLADYS KITONY.

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