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Is there a case for developers to embrace local Hosting?

October’s session of the #TechTrend was facilitated by Angani Ltd.  discussing whether there’s a case for devs to embrace local hosting.
Angani is Kenya’s first company dedicated exclusively to the provision of Public Cloud Services offering services to the entire Eastern, Central and Southern African Market. With its significant investment in infrastructure, Angani has virtualized this infrastructure and leases it out to you at a reduced rate, It takes away the expense and headache of having to maintain your own IT infrastructure in-house. No more worrying about hardware procurement, power, cooling, upgrading, scheduled maintenance.


Waikwa | Angani Ltd

The main topics of discussion centered around Market Overview, Opportunity in Local Hosting and Platform as a Service for Developers. Angani has managed to bring forward a wide range of solutions that cut across from enterprise to developers. Starting from 1st October 2015 they slashed VM prices by up to 65% making life easier for developers as well as startups as there is a clear, reliable monthly bill that they get similar or even lower compared global players.
Angani’s low latency cloud infrastructure also ensures that the developer gets great service and that the customer they are serving has a great experience as a result.
Angani is therefore continuing to build context for Africa allowing sufficient local capacity  for devs. With a recent study showing that only 10% of Kenya’s most popular content is hosted within Africa, it’s about time we thought of content hosting as some kind of international trade policy by embracing local solutions.
Below is a list of Angani’s solutions that businesses can leverage on:


  1. Virtual Machines: Angani has rolled out extensive infrastructure in terms of servers, storage and network capacity, which we lease to businesses at an affordable fee.
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  3. Angani Virtual Office:The Angani Virtual Office is the best tool to manage all your communication needs.
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  5. Angani Vault: The Angani VAULT provides fast, reliable and secure backup for all your personal and business data. The servers are accessible via multiple fast 1Gbps connections, and can store enormous amounts of data.
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  7. Angani PABX: The Angani PABX servers sit in reliable redundant data datacenters, with high-speed dedicated connections to telecom providers. Businesses therefore do not need to invest in buying their own PABX equipment.
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  9. Angani VMware vCloud Air: Angani has partnered with VMware to provide a vCloud Air Network facility in Nairobi, Kenya. This allows users to use the Angani infrastructure to augment their already existing VMware infrastructure.

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