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Getting started with Ushahidi Platform

Ushahidi is free and open-source software (LGPL) for information collection, visualisation, and interactive mapping. It came to be in the aftermath of Kenya’s disputed 2007 presidential election. Ushahidi collected eyewitness reports of violence reported by email or text messages and placed them on a Google Maps.
The Ushahidi platform is built on the Kohana web framework and includes support for Nexmo wholesale SMS API and Clickatell SMS Gateway.It also provides the option of using OpenStreetMap maps in its user interface, but requires the Google Maps API for geocoding.
The organisation uses the concept of crowdsourcing for social activism and public accountability, serving as an initial model for what has been coined as “activist mapping”—the combination of social activism, citizen journalism and geospatial information.
On the first edition of #TechTrend this year, Angela from Ushahidi gave developers an overview on how to get started with Ushahidi platform. She gave a hands-on experience on how to install, plugins that can be used and new features included in their latest release.
You can download the ushahidi platform or use it cloud based at
Feel free to also improve the Ushahidi code base by writing code, building plugins/extensions, and strengthening it against vulnerabilities. The documentation can be found at their WIKI page

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