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Eneza Education Hits over 350,000 Unique Users

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” These are the wise words of former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela. It’s every parent’s wish to see their children excel in their education but not all parents can afford to take their kids to the best schools or even pay for tuition for their kids. Eneza Education is giving a chance to kids who cannot afford to go to the best schools or extra fee for tuition an opportunity to reach high and broaden their knowledge base.
The startup is making a serious dent in the education sector. In 2014, they reached over 350,000 students users across the country with over 40, 000 active monthly subscribers. Currently they are in 5,000 schools across Kenya and the startup is planning to grow to 7,000 school by the end of this year. The startup will be expanding to Ghana and Tanzania this year to spread the mobile education.
Over the past two years, Eneza Education has evolved with new features added to the SMS platform. In September 2014, they launched a gamification version of the SMS product called “Uko Wapi Ms. Mandizi”. Ms. Mandizi is a points – based game where users are playing detective trying to catch evil Ms. Mandizi who wants to disrupt the education system in Kenya so that she can control the minds of ignorant/uneducated children. She does this by stealing education funds and making it very hard for users to find her.
They have also added 3 baselines to automate impact assessment. Students begin their quizzes with baselines in Maths, English Grammar and English Vocab. They then take benchmarks exactly 120 days after joining Shupavu. The baselines and benchmarks identify students’ academic growth as they use Shupavu. Students also earn points as they take quizzes and also take advantage of Ask a Teacher feature.  Ask a teacher feature allows the students to ask academic questions to a virtual tutor/teacher and get individualized feedback from Eneza Education robust team of teachers. The feature allows shy and inactive students in class to improve their performance in school without fear of being intimidated by their peer.
The company has a web portal for the users who can access internet regularly. Users register then they can access quizzes, lessons, marks and a live Ask a Teacher feature all from their computer or tablet.
Eneza Education is targeting to reach over 250,000 active monthly users in 2015 totaling to 550,000 lifetime users. The startup will be releasing more features in 2015.You can check out for their website like their facebook page and follow them on twitter @EnezaEducation for more updates.

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