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July 1, 2019

PIVOT East was held on 27th June 2019 at iHub in Nairobi.  The event was held for its 6th time. It saw startups from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda pitching both virtually and physically to a panel of judges and other attendees. The event was live streamed to the public as this year’s conference was an exclusive and smaller event to enrich networking and interaction by the attendees. Invitees included seasoned startups founders, startup enablers, investors, industry players, government representatives and development partners.

The winners of PIVOT East were are follows:

Entertainment –

Winner-  Cloud9xp 

Runner up – UGticket

Cloud9xp (Kenya)

Cloud9xp is an online marketplace, booking service and distributor for leisure experiences. We offer a simple way to discover and book leisure experiences to do across Africa. 

UG Tickets (Uganda)

UG Tickets is a secure, online platform designed to facilitate the selling, marketing, and distribution of tickets for the convenience of event organizers/vendors and the consumers making it  possible for people to browse through a variety of events in music, football, festivals, conferences and talk-shows online; from any place, make the payments using mobile money and receive the tickets directly on their mobiles via Email and SMS. 


Winner – Enfinite Solution

Runner up – Vipimo

Enfinite Solutions Limited (Kenya)

Through our portfolio of premium products – WakiliCMS and EliteSuite, we strive to make sure that law firms and legal departments are run efficiently to minimize costs, increase profits and improve decision making criteria.

Vipimo (Kenya)

Vipimo is a ‘sensor as a service’ subscription service currently serving several large customers in the B2B space (large farms, freight forwarders).

Utilities – 

Winner – Coinbox

Runner up – Sheria Kiganjani


Coinbox allows its users to own Coinboxes in different and diverse listed brands and save for their due holidays by sending whatever amount they are comfortably able to their Coinbox until they reach the required amount.


Sheria Kiganjani is the first online legal digital platform in Tanzania which enable users to access various legal services remotely from  their devices i.e. Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers etc.

Social Impact  Category- 

Winner – AfyaKit

Runner up – Ecomakaa

AfyaKit (Kenya)

We are a social venture start-up, focused on improving health outcomes by providing actionable in-facility data to health sector players across Sub Saharan Africa. They have  analytics tool that enables decision making for health managers.

ECO MAKAA  (Kenya)

‘Eco Makaa’ is an e-commerce company that connects local fuel briquette producers to a client base. These fuel briquettes are smokeless eco-friendly alternatives to wood charcoal

Finance Category – 

Winner – Mobishule

Runner up – Work Pay


Mobishule is a Value Added Service proposition to parents of  partners’ schools that enables them to access small amounts of school fee cash advances using mobile.

Work Pay (Kenya)

Work Pay is a workforce management and payment system with mobile biometric Time Tracking, Payroll Management and automated salary payouts/payments to banks and mobile wallets. Work Pay plus also provides B2B salary financing to help enterprises pay their employees on time always.


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Ubongo Kids English to Launch in Kenya

PIVOT East, Winners

March 9, 2015

Does your child, small brother or small sister detest mathematics? worry no more. Ubongo Kids will help your child, small brother or sister improve their understanding of mathematics through an interactive educational cartoon show that combines mathematical concepts with fun animated and catchy songs. Ubongo Kids English launches in Kenya with its first series airing on local television station NTV on Saturday at 10.00 am
Ubongo Kids is an exciting animated edutainment TV series, watched by over 1.4 million viewers in Tanzania and available in over a million more households across East Africa. The startup broadcasts in Kiswahili on TBC (Tanzania’s national TV station) and digital TV (Star Times) across East Africa.

The series is based on animated characters Kibena, Kiduchu, Koba and Baraka who go on adventures each episode, using their wits and knowledge of math to solve mysteries and problems in their community.
Encourage your child to tune in to NTV every Saturday at 10 am to learners the basic maths concepts through stories and catchy songs as opposed to memorizing the methodology. Children can while watching the show through answering questions and challenges and score points to win prizes through the mobile phone.

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Eneza Education Hits over 350,000 Unique Users

Incubation, PIVOT East, Winners

January 29, 2015

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world” These are the wise words of former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela. It’s every parent’s wish to see their children excel in their education but not all parents can afford to take their kids to the best schools or even pay for tuition for their kids. Eneza Education is giving a chance to kids who cannot afford to go to the best schools or extra fee for tuition an opportunity to reach high and broaden their knowledge base.
The startup is making a serious dent in the education sector. In 2014, they reached over 350,000 students users across the country with over 40, 000 active monthly subscribers. Currently they are in 5,000 schools across Kenya and the startup is planning to grow to 7,000 school by the end of this year. The startup will be expanding to Ghana and Tanzania this year to spread the mobile education.
Over the past two years, Eneza Education has evolved with new features added to the SMS platform. In September 2014, they launched a gamification version of the SMS product called “Uko Wapi Ms. Mandizi”. Ms. Mandizi is a points – based game where users are playing detective trying to catch evil Ms. Mandizi who wants to disrupt the education system in Kenya so that she can control the minds of ignorant/uneducated children. She does this by stealing education funds and making it very hard for users to find her.
They have also added 3 baselines to automate impact assessment. Students begin their quizzes with baselines in Maths, English Grammar and English Vocab. They then take benchmarks exactly 120 days after joining Shupavu. The baselines and benchmarks identify students’ academic growth as they use Shupavu. Students also earn points as they take quizzes and also take advantage of Ask a Teacher feature.  Ask a teacher feature allows the students to ask academic questions to a virtual tutor/teacher and get individualized feedback from Eneza Education robust team of teachers. The feature allows shy and inactive students in class to improve their performance in school without fear of being intimidated by their peer.
The company has a web portal for the users who can access internet regularly. Users register then they can access quizzes, lessons, marks and a live Ask a Teacher feature all from their computer or tablet.
Eneza Education is targeting to reach over 250,000 active monthly users in 2015 totaling to 550,000 lifetime users. The startup will be releasing more features in 2015.You can check out for their website like their facebook page and follow them on twitter @EnezaEducation for more updates.

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SleepOut Graduates out of The Incubation Program

Incubation, PIVOT East, Winners

November 25, 2014

Founded in 2011, SleepOut makes it easy for you to make booking of accommodation online. They provide a secure accommodation marketplace connecting travellers looking for a cool place to stay, with hosts and their empty beds.
Its primary markets are the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. SleepOut will also continue to expand aggressively within Southern Africa, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Malawi, and the Indian Ocean islands.
In August 2013, SleepOut joined m:lab East Africa’s incubation program after winning PIVOT East 2013 in the Enterprise category. The incubation space offered a quiet and dedicated space conducive for team building and “heads down” focus. Incubation at m:lab East Africa also improved access to resources including investors, mentors, potential partners, mobile trainings and an avid mobile community


SleepOut Team during PIVOT East 2013 where they emerged Winners in the Enterprise category

The company graduated from the incubation program in July 2014 and  has since moved their main office to Mauritius in the hope of reaching an international market and not just Africa and the Middle East.
Last year SleepOut raised approximately US$200,000 in seed funding to finance expansion across markets in Africa and the Middle East. The round of funding was led by African Media Ventures Fund, an Amsterdam-based Africa seed fund. They have since closed the round of funding.
Currently the company is in talks to raise a Series A round in 2015.The business will assess a majority stake sale for the round and is speaking to large venture capital funds in Europe and a larger top tier fund in the US said Johann, adding that the potential size of the stake is yet to be finalised. The company is also holding discussions with global strategic investors with an interest in hospitality.

SleepOut team giving a talk to developers during TechTrend

Sleepout has since launched a global portal with hosts in 62 countries. It has grown from 2,000 listing last year to around 6,000 at present. The company has also established a franchise model running an African overland tour with partners in ten countries between Zanzibar and Lagos. The company is keen to set up further franchises with local partners in 20 more countries across Africa.
SleepOut has won several accolades among them the 2014 Startup Battle of the Cities (SBOC) at IdeaLab, The Founders’ Conference in Germany. The company was the only startup from East Africa to pitch at the 2013 Top 50 Global Alpha Startup Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland. The company was also selected by CNN among the 15 African technology startups to watch in 2014
For more information on the company, visit their website , like them on facebook at and follow them on twitter  @SleepOutcom

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Chamasoft Revolutionizing Chama Management

PIVOT East, Winners

November 10, 2014

Chamasoft is an investment group management software that aims at streamline the operations of chamas. The software enables Chamas to overcome challenges they face such as lack of transparency, poor communication and the lack of a simple system where members can check their balances and receive automated reminders on group activities.
A  chama is an informal cooperative society that is normally used to pool and invest savings by people especially in Kenya. Originally, chamas tended to be exclusively women groups, but as chamas started to grow in sophistication and success, men started participating in chamas as well. In Kenya alone, there are estimated to be 300,000 chamas managing a total of Ksh 300 billion in assets.
One of the major challenges that chamas face is the challenge of record keeping. Other challenges include; lack of transparency and accountability and mistrust. Chamasoft is trying to solve these problems using their web and mobile application which helps investment groups and chamas to manage all their group activities and communication.
Through their cloud based software, Chama members are able to view group accounts on a dashboard such as the withdrawals, transfers and deposits that are performed on the chama bank accounts so as to be able to track what is happening in the bank accounts, their group statements, how much they contributed throughout their Chama lifetime, penalties contributed and all other financials pertaining to the members and group.
Chamasoft acts as an online treasurer for the chamas. It reminds members to  pay for their different contributions, sends them invoices and updates their respective statements detailing how much they owe and why they owe it.If a member defaults in paying for their contribution, Chamasoft automatically calculates the members’ penalty and updates his/her statement .
In April 2014, Chamasoft released Chamasoft Enterprise, which allows for banks and other third party institutions to integrate into Chamasoft platform enabling chamas and other users of the software to go straight to bank transactions allowing complete automation of record keeping.

Martin Njuguna from Chamasoft pitching during PIVOT East 2014 competition

Martin Njuguna from Chamasoft pitching during PIVOT East 2014 competition

Early this year, Chamasoft applied for PIVOT East, East Africa’s premier mobile startups pitching competition and conference which was held on 24th – 25th June at Panari Hotel. The company was selected as one of the finalists in the competition in the finance category. They emerged the winners of the competition in the finance category.
The company has grown over time in terms of users and even the team. They have increased their signups by 50% and also doubled their paying customers. They keep improving their product based on the feedback they get from their customers. The development team has continued making a lot of progress and have recently launched a partnership programme for other people, integrated with evernote to ensure easy recording and keeping of minutes, gmail , yahoo and MSN for easier user imports
In addition to winning PIVOT East, Chamasoft was the winner of the African Innovation Award, at EC4 Conference in Silicon Valley California. The African Technology Foundation with Evernote sought to look for promising African startups  and Chamasoft was the African Winner.The win saw Chamasoft team pitch during the Evernote Conference in San Francisco, California.The company also won the IBM SmartCamp which was held on 1st July 2014 at the IHUB.

Chamasoft is very easy to use, one has to log into the chamasoft website and register their group. They will then receive a notification via email and SMS. One would then be able to invite their group members to register and personalize their chamasoft account to indicate how often they meet, upload their current financial records, state rules for penalties and loan application files. To view full pricing details log into the Chamasoft website pricing page
For more information on Chamasoft, feel free to get in touch with the team via their email address info(@) You can also follow them on twitter, like their page on  facebook and connect with them on google plus for more update.

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PIVOT East Winners attend Venture Investment Course.

PIVOT East, Winners, Workshops

July 31, 2014

PIVOT East 2014 Category Winners attended a Venture investment course on the 29th and 30th July 2014. “Find.Make.Grow.Realise.Venture investment” course is a collaboration between Knife capital, the University of Cape Town (UCT) Graduate School of Business and Savannah Fund. The course was facilitated by Investors: Keet van Zyl, Andrea Boehmert and Mbwana Ally.
The entrepreneurs were trained on Finding & Making great investments on the first day and Aggressive Growth & Realisation options and strategies on the second day. Some of the topics they covered were: Investor approach/deal selection, Financial Management for startups, Due Diligence process, Investment terms and rights, Engineering growth, Traction Verticals and Positioning a company for premium-priced exist just to mention a few.
There were also insightful sessions from: Erik Hersman Co-founder  of BRCK, on how to have killer crowdfunding campaigns, Dylan Higgins CEO of KopoKopo on Due Diligence and their fund raising journey as well as Toni Maraviglia, Co-founder of Eneza Education on impact Investments and their journey.
PIVOT East winners during the Venture Investment training PIVOT East winners during the Venture Investment training PIVOT East winners during Savannah Fund training

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PIVOT East 2014 Winners Announced – High hopes for 2015

PIVOT East, Winners

June 25, 2014

PIVOT East an innovative startups competition geared towards nurturing the growing ICT talent in East Africa unveiled the winners of the 2014 competition. The unveiling was during a cocktail award ceremony at the Panari Hotel on 25th June. The competition which kicked off early this year was comprised of a series of activities that culminate to the finalists conference on 24th – 25th June. The open call for applications earlier in the year culminated into 50 startups from across East Africa being announced as the competitions semi-finalists early May. Five finalists from each of the competition’s five categories were selected by panels of  judges drawn from among angel investors and representatives from venture capital firms.  The 25 finalists were announced late May and went through a series of seminars, coaching and mentorship sessions to refine their business models and investor pitches.
And the PIVOT East 2014 winners are:
Mobile Society Category

Suraj Gudka,  PIVOT East 2014 winner of the Society Category with Valerie D’Costa from infoDev

Suraj Gudka, winner in the Society Category with Valerie D’Costa from infoDev during PIVOT East 2014 at Panari Hotel

SokoText (Kenya): SokoText uses SMS based pre-ordering service to make it easier for small fruit and vegetable sellers in slums to get their daily stock. SokoText is a social enterprise based in Mathare slum in Nairobi.
Mobile Entertainment category


Ubongo Team, Winners Entertainment Category

UbongoKids (Tanzania): Ubongo Kids is a multiplatform, interactive edu-cartoon with SMS interaction broadcasting on TV to kids in Tanzania & online for kids around the world.
Mobile Enterprise Category
A SiM Mobile (Kenya): ASim Mobile is a supply chain mobile solution integrated seamlessly with most popular accounting, ERP apps in the world
Mobile Finance Category

Marting Njuguna, founder of Chamasoft - Winner of PIVOT East 2014 Finance Category receiving trophy from Lilian Kiplangat of Chase Bank

Marting Njuguna of Chamasoft – Winner of PIVOT East 2014 Finance Category receiving trophy from Lilian Kiplangat of Chase Bank

ChamaSoft (Kenya): A group management platform which manages administration of chamas, allowing them to concentrate on investment rather than administration.
Mobile Utilities Category


Alloys and Don from Sendy, winners in the Utilities Category

Sendy (Kenya): A platform for on-demand errands. With the tap of a button, they instantly connect senders and riders and enable payments via mobile phones The founders award went to Online Hisab a cloud-based accounting package for Ethiopian SMEs, who are looking for an affordable and easy to use accounting solution.


Prof. Wagacha presenting the founders award to Asmeret from Online Hisabu from Ethiopia

1st Runners’ Up
Beyonic  (Uganda): Beyonic’s mission is to eliminate cash by creating the best solutions that enable business to make payments using mobile money.
Online Hisab (Ethiopia): is a cloud-based accounting package for Ethiopian SMEs, who are looking for an affordable and easy to use accounting solution.
MaraMoja (Kenya): Maramoja is Kenyan social enterprise dedicated to providing easy access to safe, reliable transport services through your mobile device.
TotoHealth (Kenya): TotoHealth enables hospitals and organizations to communicate and provide targeted information on antenatal & postnatal care using low-cost phones.
Safari Tales (Kenya): Safari Tales is an edutainment android mobile application for children to access Digital African Narratives & learn African Languages.

All the PIVOT East 2014 Winners

PIVOT East 2014 Winners

The winners of the competition will win funding amounting to 10,000 dollars per startup from m:lab East Africa. The funding will be split into two halves, the first of which is a $5,000 grant. The other portion $5,000 will be an investment which may be topped up by other investors depending on the startups funding requirements and their ability to convince other investors.
The category winners also win spots at a VC training course organized by  Savannah Fund, Knife Capital and University of Cape Town. Winners of the Enterprise Category also get a fully paid trip to the Motorola Solutions Entreprise App Forum in Brussels – Belgium scheduled for November 2014.
Congratulations to all the PIVOT East 2014 winners, finalists and semi-finalists!!!
Much is expected of all the PIVOT East 2014 finalists in terms of market traction and growth. PIVOT East organizers are confident that there will be much to report from the finalists in the 2015 edition. This is based on the investment in trainings, coaching and mentorship opportunities for the startups in the month of May and June 2014.
Announcement of  2014 winners ushers in the first stage of the PIVOT East 2015 edition. Innovative and entrepreneurial teams building the “next big thing” in East Africa are invited enter the 2015 competition. They are encouraged to start building profiles of their startups on for initial business model refinement support and guidance. Semi Finalists of PIVOT East 2014 who did not make it to the finals are eligible to apply for the 2015 competition.

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5 startups to win over 50,000 dollars in funding and VC training at PIVOT East

PIVOT East, Winners

June 22, 2014

Five startups will win a combined total of over fifty thousand dollars in funding at the PIVOT East finalists conference. The five startups will be selected from 25 finalists who will pitch to a rich audience of investors and industry stakeholders on 24th and 25th June. The venue for the conference will be Panari Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.

Agatha Gikunda from Intel presenting an award to Ma3Route the winners of PIVOT East 2013 in the utilities category

Agatha Gikunda from Intel presenting an award to Ma3Route the winners of PIVOT East 2013 in the utilities category

Since 2011, m:lab East Africa has organised annual editions of PIVOT East, an annual pitching conference for startups with mobile technology based businesses. The m:lab has so far funded 15 startups through previous PIVOT East editions to the tune of US$120,000. At this year’s edition the funding will be at $50,000 each to five startups. The funding will be split into two halves, the first of which is a $5,000 grant. The other portion $5,000 will be an investment which may be topped up by other investors depending on the startups funding requirements and their ability to convince other investors.
75 startups have participated in the annual competition so far. These previous finalists have so far raised over $5m in investments directly or indirectly as a benefit of going through the PIVOT East competition. To increase odds of the startups accessing more capital for growth, the m:lab has entered a partnership with Savannah fund to take this year’s five competition winners through a venture capital (VC) course.
Savannah fund will therefore sponsor five winning startups of PIVOT East to attend an executive education programme on VC investment. The course will be hosted by Savannah Fund in conjunction with the University of Cape Town (UCT) Graduate School of Business and Knife Capital at the iHub in Nairobi on 29th – 30th  July. The VC course will help entrepreneurs learn how to identify and create winning opportunities, and how to position themselves competitively for venture investment.  More details of the course are available on the University of Cape Town website here.
The 5 winners of PIVOT East 2014 will be announced on the afternoon of 25th June in a cocktail award ceremony according to the conference program. One startup per category of five win the title for that category.  The winner per category will be determined by a panel of investor judges based on a criteria published earlier this year.
Erik Hersman and Ken Mwenda awarding Go Finance from Tanzania the overall winner of PIVOT East 2013

Erik Hersman and Ken Mwenda awarding Go Finance from Tanzania the overall winner of PIVOT East 2013

An honorary award will be given to the competition’s overall winner selected by the founding partners of the m:lab East Africa consortium. The winners will also have earned themselves access to m:lab East Africa’s year long incubation program.

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Win a Samsung Galaxy Music Today!

Incubation, PIVOT East, Winners

January 15, 2014

Have you always wanted to own a Samsung Galaxy Music? Good news, you can! All you have to do is download the ma3Route application, post a minimum number of traffic updates on the app, follow Ma3Route on twitter @Ma3Route and like the ma3Route page on facebook and you stand a chance of winning a brand new Samsung Galaxy Music device courtesy of Samsung. The person with the most updates on the Ma3Route application qualifies to win the device.

The Campaign which started in December is spearheaded by Ma3Route and Samsung, where Samsung devices are up for grabs for individuals with the most updates on the application. Each and every week till the campaign is over, one person will get a chance of walking away with a brand new Samsung Galaxy Music. Read the terms and conditions here.


Ma3Route is a mobile/web/SMS platform that crowd-sources for transport data and provides users with information on traffic, matatu directions and driving reports. The application is primarily aimed at giving users live update on what is happening on the major roads in the city and outside the city, give directions for example where to pick a matatu using a certain route and also the app enables you report rogue drivers or accidents on the road.

The application has a new feature where you can be able to filter traffic feeds. You can form road teams by subscribing to certain road(s) hence get alerted on the road when users post alerts via the app. You can set the app to read out your alerts in case you are driving.


Stephanie Njerenga from Ma3Route with one of the winners of the Samsung Galaxy Music

Ma3Route took part in PIVOT East 2013 which was held at Sheraton Hotel Kampala and emerged winners in the Mobile Utility Category. Apart from that they participated in Angel Fair event which was held on 25th – 26th September 2013 at Sandton Convention Center, Johannesurg South Africa. They were also in the semifinalist of VentureOut Internalization Challenge.

Click HERE to download the app. To download Ma3Route windows phone application click HERE. For help on how to use the app contact @Ma3Route on twitter or send an email to [email protected] Ma3Route is also available on the web and on sms.

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PIVOT EAST 2013 Winners! Four months down the line

Incubation, PIVOT East, Winners

October 23, 2013

Pivot East is one of the most prestigious startups pitching competition and conference in the region. This year’s event went down on 25 -26th June 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel in Kampala Uganda. There was  stiff competition between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania startups in all the five categories. The competition culminated to the announcing of the winners at the gala dinner. The winners received a grant of 10,000USD

Four months down the line, the startups are making tremendous progress in terms of securing partnerships, grants, creating employment and scaling up their businesses. We have highlighted progress made so far by the startups in this article.

SleepOut_300dpi_300wSleepOut: Kenya-based accommodation marketplace SleepOut has been named among the top 50 global startups in the run up to WebSummit 2013 to be held in October 30th and 31st in Dublin, Ireland. SleepOut made it to the top 50 list after having applied for the widely celebrated conference’s ALPHA Program. They have also been invited to exhibit, together with a selected number of individuals and startups from around the world.

SleepOut participated in Angel Fair which was held on 25th – 26th September at Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg South Africa. Angel Fair 2013 aimed at bringing together accelerators, incubators and their emerging businesses from across the African continent and angel investors to do deals.

SleepOut makes it easy for you to make booking of accommodation online, they provide a secure accommodation marketplace connecting travellers looking for a cool place to stay, with hosts and their empty beds. Currently SleepOut is launching their new Africa and Middle East portal with listings in over 20 countries. They have also been selected to launch at this year’s DEMO Africa conference to be held in Nairobi, Kenya in October 24 and 25, 2013. SleepOut won in the Enterprise Category at PIVOT EAST 2013. For more information on SleepOut view their profile HERE

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KytabuKytabu:  Kytabu is a textbook subscription app for android tablets for students that drastically reduces the cost of buying textbooks. Kytabu has won several accolades including PIVOT EAST 2013 best startup in the mobile society category and the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) competition which was held on October 12, 2013 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where Kytabu emerged winners. Global Innovation Science through technology is an initiative of CRDF Global and other partners to  help launch ideas or grow businesses of most promising entrepreneurs in these emerging economies through seed funding, training, networking and by providing mentoring from the best entrepreneurs in the world, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

Kytabu has been invited to TechCrunch Berlin on 28th – 29th October to showcase Kytabu Android on their tablets. Currently they are working on a desktop application which will be launched later this year in partnership with Microsoft. For more information on Kytabu view their profile HERE

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Ma3Route-2-LogoMa3Route: Ma3Route is a mobile/web/SMS platform that helps you get to your destination easily and quickly. Ma3Route helps citizens share/access info about transport and current traffic conditions for a city. Ma3Route is currently working to finalize their App on Windows and iOS platforms which will be up and running very soon. They are also optimizing their website for mobile.

Ma3Route is growing in terms of its team, currently they have a team of 8 people with 3 full time employees based at their offices at m:lab East Africa. Ma3Route has been able secured partnerships over the past few months. They have partnered with Nokia in their upcoming windows app and they are also in talks with Nation TV to propagate their data on the AM Live show.

Apart from taking part in PIVOT EAST 2013 where they won in the mobile Utility Category, Ma3Route participated in Angel Fair which was held on 25th – 26th September at Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg South Africa. They were also in the semifinalist of VentureOut Internalization Challenge. For more information on Ma3Route, view their profile HERE.

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Kola-StudiosKola studios: Kola Studios is a developer and publisher of Social Mobile games for the web, smartphone & tablet devices. Matatu, a local Ugandan card game, is one of their most popular games with over 4 million games played in a year, a localized version for Kenya, Karatu was recently launched. On 16th August, Kola studios officially launched the game MATATU at Outbox in Uganda. The launch was graced by Airtel UG Managing director V.G Somasekhar. Kola studios emerged the best in the mobile entertainment category at PIVOT EAST 2013. For more information on Kola Studios view their profile HERE

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gofinanceGo finance: GO Finance believes access to finance is as vital to a community as access to clean water.  GO works to bring a range of financial solutions closer to underserved small businesses and people at the base of the pyramid through using technology, business value chains, and by collaborating with strategic partners.

According to Geoffrey Ndosi Executive Director Go Finance, “Winning at PIVOT EAST has elevated our profile regionally as well as with multinational organisations. Not only have we reached a critical juncture with regards to equity financing from a seed venture fund, but we are also collaborating with Microsoft 4 Afrika and have had conversations with the International Finance Corporation (the World Bank’s private sector arm), and the FMO (Netherlands) as a result of participating in PIVOT EAST.” For more information on Go Finance view their profile HERE

Currently two startups (SleepOut and Ma3Route) are incubated at the m:lab incubation facility. Go Finance is incubated virtually.

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