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July 1, 2019

PIVOT East was held on 27th June 2019 at iHub in Nairobi.  The event was held for its 6th time. It saw startups from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda pitching both virtually and physically to a panel of judges and other attendees. The event was live streamed to the public as this year’s conference was an exclusive and smaller event to enrich networking and interaction by the attendees. Invitees included seasoned startups founders, startup enablers, investors, industry players, government representatives and development partners.

The winners of PIVOT East were are follows:

Entertainment –

Winner-  Cloud9xp 

Runner up – UGticket

Cloud9xp (Kenya)

Cloud9xp is an online marketplace, booking service and distributor for leisure experiences. We offer a simple way to discover and book leisure experiences to do across Africa. 

UG Tickets (Uganda)

UG Tickets is a secure, online platform designed to facilitate the selling, marketing, and distribution of tickets for the convenience of event organizers/vendors and the consumers making it  possible for people to browse through a variety of events in music, football, festivals, conferences and talk-shows online; from any place, make the payments using mobile money and receive the tickets directly on their mobiles via Email and SMS. 


Winner – Enfinite Solution

Runner up – Vipimo

Enfinite Solutions Limited (Kenya)

Through our portfolio of premium products – WakiliCMS and EliteSuite, we strive to make sure that law firms and legal departments are run efficiently to minimize costs, increase profits and improve decision making criteria.

Vipimo (Kenya)

Vipimo is a ‘sensor as a service’ subscription service currently serving several large customers in the B2B space (large farms, freight forwarders).

Utilities – 

Winner – Coinbox

Runner up – Sheria Kiganjani


Coinbox allows its users to own Coinboxes in different and diverse listed brands and save for their due holidays by sending whatever amount they are comfortably able to their Coinbox until they reach the required amount.


Sheria Kiganjani is the first online legal digital platform in Tanzania which enable users to access various legal services remotely from  their devices i.e. Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers etc.

Social Impact  Category- 

Winner – AfyaKit

Runner up – Ecomakaa

AfyaKit (Kenya)

We are a social venture start-up, focused on improving health outcomes by providing actionable in-facility data to health sector players across Sub Saharan Africa. They have  analytics tool that enables decision making for health managers.

ECO MAKAA  (Kenya)

‘Eco Makaa’ is an e-commerce company that connects local fuel briquette producers to a client base. These fuel briquettes are smokeless eco-friendly alternatives to wood charcoal

Finance Category – 

Winner – Mobishule

Runner up – Work Pay


Mobishule is a Value Added Service proposition to parents of  partners’ schools that enables them to access small amounts of school fee cash advances using mobile.

Work Pay (Kenya)

Work Pay is a workforce management and payment system with mobile biometric Time Tracking, Payroll Management and automated salary payouts/payments to banks and mobile wallets. Work Pay plus also provides B2B salary financing to help enterprises pay their employees on time always.


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Pivot East call for application for startups opened


March 13, 2019

PIVOT East, one of the most prestigious startup competitions and conferences is now open for entries through its PIVOT East Startups Community Network. The competition officially opens its application portal for entries on March 12th 2019 and will continue to accept applications until midnight EAT on April 13th 2019.

PIVOT East is organised by iHub . The competition aims to catalyse the growth of  East Africa startups, so as to amplify and consolidate the gains of East Africa’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.  The key objective for this year’s event is to ensure that we provide maximum opportunities for all stakeholders to engage before, during and after the competition. It is only through this open engagement that we can surface learnings, which will go into ensuring a more robust ecosystem.

Applications to compete in 2019 will be entered as detailed startup profiles which describe the customer pain, the solution, revenue streams, team composition and commitment, market traction, projections and milestones among other aspects.  The overall startup profile will be used by the competition judges who will be experienced entrepreneurs, investors, startup enablers and business coaches to score the potential of the startup to become a sustainable high growth enterprise.

The competition has five categories in both software and hardware which are;

  1. Finance – including digital or mobile payments, banking, insurance, cryptocurrencies, e-commerce etc.
  2. Enterprise – including ERP Systems, CRMs, Recruiting platforms, value chain management, marketing, production,  etc.
  3. Entertainment – including gaming, social networking, e-magazines, music, video, photography etc.
  4. Social Impact – including education, agriculture, health, governance, and other social development themes.
  5. Utilities – A catch-all category including applications for enhancing the usability and versatility of technology etc

Start-ups across the region that meet the requirement can start applying for the competition. Information on how to join, including eligibility criteria, is HERE. The finalists will receive training and coaching on how to pitch to potential partners, customers and investors, sales, digital marketing, legal and employee retention.

The deadline for submission of applications is on 13th April 2019. Applicants are encouraged to start building and curating their startup profiles early as they might need to research or source some of the information required widely.

We are also looking for investors and partners if you would like to know more about this read HERE

For more information visit Follow:

Email: [email protected]

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Facebook partners with m:lab East Africa in FbStart Program


February 10, 2016

Facebook has partnered with m:lab East Africa in one of their program fbstart to help mobile startups succeed.  FbStart is a program that provides app developers with free tools and services via three tracks: Pre-launch, Bootstrap and Accelerate.
Facebook has partnered with some great partners in the program and they are offering a package of free tools and services designed to help app developers build and grow their mobile apps. They are providing year round mentorship opportunities to connect directly with the Facebook team as well as an exclusive community of global startups
The program is accepting the following developers into FbStart;


  • Pre-launch track: Developers that have not yet launched an app but intend to launch one within the next year and are associated with one of facebook’s venture capital, accelerator, or incubator partners
  • o

  • Bootstrap track: Any developer who’s launched a quality, working mobile app in the Apple or Google Play app stores
  • o

  • Accelerate tracks: Any developer who’s launched a working mobile app in the Apple or Google Play app stores and has seen a sustained level of growth in their markets

All those who will be accepted to the program will be placed into the track most relevant for their stage of development as determined by size, growth, quality, and engagement, among other factors evaluated. Once accepted into a track, developers receive a set of free tools and services meant to serve your app development needs.
All the members in the program will receive three main offerings;


  • Benefits – you’ll receive a free package of tools and services valuing up to $80,000 from Facebook, Parse, and 23 third party partners including Adobe, Salesforce, MailChimp, Hootsuite and UserTesting
  • o

  • Mentorship – you’ll have opportunities throughout the year to connect with product managers, engineers, partnerships, and operations through events, office hours, webinars, email and more
  • o

  • Community – meet others in the startup community through the member portal, forums, meetups and events

Developers with more than one application can apply for the program with the apps but are encouraged to prioritize their apps in the application form by listing their most engaging and successful apps first. Only one app will be selected for inclusion in the program, and you’ll only receive one set of benefits even if both apps qualify.
Your company is approved as a whole, rather than your individual apps. So while you can submit several apps for consideration, only one app per company will be accepted to FbStart, and you’ll only receive one set of benefits.
If you wish to benefit from this opportunity, fill in the form provided below. We will then send you a referral code which you will use to apply here
For more information visit or

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Is there a case for developers to embrace local Hosting?


November 2, 2015

October’s session of the #TechTrend was facilitated by Angani Ltd.  discussing whether there’s a case for devs to embrace local hosting.
Angani is Kenya’s first company dedicated exclusively to the provision of Public Cloud Services offering services to the entire Eastern, Central and Southern African Market. With its significant investment in infrastructure, Angani has virtualized this infrastructure and leases it out to you at a reduced rate, It takes away the expense and headache of having to maintain your own IT infrastructure in-house. No more worrying about hardware procurement, power, cooling, upgrading, scheduled maintenance.


Waikwa | Angani Ltd

The main topics of discussion centered around Market Overview, Opportunity in Local Hosting and Platform as a Service for Developers. Angani has managed to bring forward a wide range of solutions that cut across from enterprise to developers. Starting from 1st October 2015 they slashed VM prices by up to 65% making life easier for developers as well as startups as there is a clear, reliable monthly bill that they get similar or even lower compared global players.
Angani’s low latency cloud infrastructure also ensures that the developer gets great service and that the customer they are serving has a great experience as a result.
Angani is therefore continuing to build context for Africa allowing sufficient local capacity  for devs. With a recent study showing that only 10% of Kenya’s most popular content is hosted within Africa, it’s about time we thought of content hosting as some kind of international trade policy by embracing local solutions.

Below is a list of Angani’s solutions that businesses can leverage on:


  1. Virtual Machines: Angani has rolled out extensive infrastructure in terms of servers, storage and network capacity, which we lease to businesses at an affordable fee.
  2. o

  3. Angani Virtual Office:The Angani Virtual Office is the best tool to manage all your communication needs.
  4. o

  5. Angani Vault: The Angani VAULT provides fast, reliable and secure backup for all your personal and business data. The servers are accessible via multiple fast 1Gbps connections, and can store enormous amounts of data.
  6. o

  7. Angani PABX: The Angani PABX servers sit in reliable redundant data datacenters, with high-speed dedicated connections to telecom providers. Businesses therefore do not need to invest in buying their own PABX equipment.
  8. o

  9. Angani VMware vCloud Air: Angani has partnered with VMware to provide a vCloud Air Network facility in Nairobi, Kenya. This allows users to use the Angani infrastructure to augment their already existing VMware infrastructure.

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Paykind to Launch Today


September 3, 2015

Paykind is an online platform that allows individuals and organizations to pay for the goods and services of their beneficiaries using e-vouchers, via mobile phone and smart card technology.
Using paykind one can distribute e-voucher directly  to the beneficiary. The recipient beneficiary gets the voucher by SMS  and is able to redeem the voucher  for only the particular good or service. Charity  and aid organizations in Africa are able to mass distribute SMS e-vouchers via Paykind. Paykind also  provides donor with  to instant reports and analytics and can measure  impact.
The startup will be launching the product today at the Nailab. Details of the event are;
Venue: Nailab
Date: 3rd September 2015
Time: 6.00 – 8.00pm

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Get trained to be a Mobile Apps Developer


May 26, 2015

A couple of months ago, m:lab East Africa embarked on conducting a series of technical mobile apps development trainings with a focus on two of the major mobile technology platforms. Designed with a wholesome approach to mobile development, trainings cover Android and SMS&USSD mobile platforms and highlight on best practices in User Experience and Design, Databases, Versioning and Source Control, and Entrepreneurship among other key areas in software development. More on the previous round here.
Today, we are opening a new round of applications for the courses on Android and SMS&USSD.
The two formats for the trainings are as follows;
Android training
Duration: 4 Weeks
Mode of study: Half Day (9am – 1pm weekdays)
Dates: 29th June – 25th July, 2015
Venue: m:lab East Africa
Cost: Ksh 15,000
Registration deadline: 21st June 2015 (now closed)
SMS&USSD Training
Duration: 2 Weeks
Mode of study: Evening classes (5pm – 8pm weekdays, One Saturday included)
Dates: 13th  July – 25th July, 2015
Venue: m:lab East Africa
Cost: Ksh 15,000
Registration deadline: 21st June 2015 (now closed)
Target audience
Individuals with prior knowledge in programming, preferably in Java, PHP.
At the end of the training every participant should develop (and publish where applicable) a mobile app on the platform of interest.

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Internship Opportunity: Event Management and Social Media Intern


January 22, 2013

m:lab East Africa Requires the services of an intern for the following :-


  1. Undertake social media interaction for the organization, events and related brands.
  2. o

  3. Write blogs and articles articulating issues touching on mobile innovation and mobile entrepreneurship.
  4. o

  5. Support event planning and logistical activities including photography
  6. o

  7. Handle record keeping and archival of digital data
  8. o

  9. Support business relations development and fundraising for events.
  10. o

  11. Handle communication with sponsors, partners and the media as directed.
  12. o

  13. Provide support for event related procurement processes
  14. o

  15. Co-ordinate a team of volunteers to facilitate event logistics.
  16. o

  17. Documentation of event planning processes.

Desired Competences and Skills
The  candidate should have the following  key competencies and skills:


  1. Demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for mobile innovations and entrepreneurship.
  2. o

  3. Proficiency in document generation, editing and collaboration using Google Drive.
  4. o

  5. Self motivated with ability to perform optimally with minimal supervision and to deliver results under tight schedules.
  6. o

  7. Experience in record keeping and archival of digital data.
  8. o

  9. Demonstrated skills in application of social and digital  media  as tools  for people engagement,  advocacy  and  publicity
  10. o

  11. Impeccable interpersonal skills.

The successful candidate will be engaged in a six month internship program
Interested candidates may send a cover letter explaining why they are fit for the opportunity and include their updated CVs to [email protected]. Applications MUST have “Pivot East Intern” in the subject line. Only email applications received before Friday 15th January 2013 will be considered.
Our engagement channels:
twitter: @mlabeastafrica, @pivoteast
facebook: +
google plus: +Pivot East

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