Pivot East Team goes to Kampala

PIVOT East, Workshops

March 5, 2012

The PivotEast team headed down to Kampala, Uganda to present PivotEast Competition in Makerere University on 20th February 2010.

Daniel Stern of Mobile Monday Kampala was first up to give a talk in challenges for developers in Uganda. In his presentation he gave reasons for using technology to enhance the agricultural value chain. Daniel went on to challenge those at the event to run a business that is value based and sensitive to people’s conscience.

 Up next was Paul Asigwa who is a law expert on copyrights and alumni of Makerere. He emphasized on trade secrets and how to protect company products. He then went on to share on trademarks and how in Uganda are registered for 10 years and patents for 20 years. He finished off with the copyright law in Uganda which lasts for your lifetime plus 50 years.

Next on stage was Annie Njenga, Pivot east coordinator who spoke about the PivotEast competition and why developers should enter. She left the crowd with some important dates to remember as clarified issues of submissions to the event;

    31st March 2012  – Submission Deadline

    17th April 2012 –  Finalists announced

    5th – 6th  June 2012  – Competition Days

Last on  the stage was Mandela Matia the PivotEast coordinator . His talk focused on how to pitch to investors. He went over 3 important points to make a successful pitch that can guarantee making it to the next level.

1)      Pitching to impress: You need to know your audience, know your problem solving, get to the point fast and be on time.

2)      Use bold ideas to convey your content: have short PowerPoint’s, do not read the slides but tell a story.

3)      Admit what you don’t know: know your competition and ALWAYS control the meeting.

NOTE: APPLICATION FOR PIVOTEAST IS NOW OPEN IN UGANDA. You will be judged on innovation and creativity, also do have fun.

Daniel Nangakha of Hivos co-lab Uganda was the last to present and said they would be setting up an incubation center in Uganda that is similar to the one in Kenya with free membership.

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Pivot East Competition Categories Explained


January 20, 2012

top_logoPivot East is this year’s edition of the region’s premier mobile apps / developer competition held successfully in 2011 under the name Pivot 25. It will culminate in a pitching conference on 5th and 6th June 2012. The competition has five categories, each with five finalists pitching to a rich audience of investors, development partners, telecoms operators and other industry players from East Africa and across the globe. The online registration process for developers and mobile entrepreneurs who would wish to take part as contestants will open on Monday 23rd January 2011 through the website
Applications will be submitted in one of the following competition categories :-
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Mobile Finance Category
Mobile innovations have changed the way we handle our money especially how enterprises and individuals access and consume financial services. Innovative ways of delivering services such as money transfer, banking, commercial transactions, insurance and payment systems are bound to improve the efficacy of our financial services. Applications and services submitted in this category should target to improve service accessibility, efficiency and effectiveness of the financial sector in East Africa and beyond.
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Mobile Enterprise Category
Efficiency is essential in keeping large and small enterprises afloat. Management of human and capital resources, the value chain, marketing, production processes, customers and other aspects of the modern day business require constant innovation as an imperative to remain competitive. Such innovations will support achievement of objectives among businesses such as to maximize revenues and profits, and to remain relevant in the market place. Applications and services submitted in this category should ideally offer technological opportunities to large and small enterprises in process innovation that leads to efficient management of their resources.
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Mobile Entertainment Category
Life can be hectic and everybody needs entertainment. It refreshes your mind and helps to change your moods and raise energy levels as personally desired. The value of entertainment in our lives cannot be understated. Technology has influenced our awareness and choice of entertainment methods. This is most profoundly illustrated by the many options for gaming, music and videos available in the mobile and online market place. Accessibility of entertainment has also improved in recent times with the ubiquity of mobile devices. Applications and services submitted in this category should provide innovative ways of delivering entertainment value to the increasingly sophisticated populations of East Africa and beyond.
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Mobile Society Category
People in East Africa continue to embrace the mobile phone as an essential tool for day-to-day chores. Indeed, possibilities for delivery of important services such as health-care, education, and governance increase with adoption of mobile technologies. The effect of this is amplified in geographical areas traditionally deprived of modern infrastructure. Moreover, activities such as farming, livestock rearing, and other economically productive activities among individuals can receive a boost with mobile technologies and solutions being the game changing enablers. Development of public data access platforms such as the open government data initiatives in various countries and the World Bank’s data portal further present opportunities for information service innovation. The society in general is thus bound to expect more services delivered seamlessly in the course of people’s mobility.
Applications and services submitted in this category should therefore, present new socially and economically relevant ways of improving livelihoods and productivity for people in East Africa and beyond.
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Mobile Utilities Category
With the mobile phone increasingly becoming the primary device for communication, computing and information storage, innovations are required to enrich and reinforce the device’s usefulness. Mobile software and hardware technologies present technology entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop services such as mobile data backup services, energy saving and resource optimization. Other utility services such as interfacing mobile technologies with existing electronic equipment including televisions, vehicles and other utilities amplify the usability and versatility of mobile phone technology. Applications and services in this category should aim to reinforce the usability and versatility of mobile devices. This category may also be used as a “catch all” basket to submit applications and services that do not easily fit into the other four competition categories.
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Additional Information
Pivot East is an initiative of m:lab East Africa to showcase the region’s mobile applications development talent and mobile entrepreneurship. m:lab East Africa is a consortium comprising iHub, eMobilis, the World Wide Web foundation and the University of Nairobi’s School of Computing and Informatics. The consortium aspires to lead the way in identifying, nurturing and helping to build sustainable enterprises in East Africa’s knowledge economy. Organizations interested in partnering with m:lab East Africa to advance this goal through the Pivot East competition and conference may send inquiries to [email protected]

Pivot East Sponsor

Samsung has joined m:lab East Africa and iHub  to advance goals of  the Pivot East competition and conference by being the first sponsor on board. Other organizations interested in sponsoring Pivot East may send inquiries to [email protected]

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And the Winner’s are!!!

PIVOT East, Winners

June 16, 2011

Two days that saw 25 exciting Pitches, 5 Category winners and 1 overall Winner:
Congratulations to the winners:
1) Applications in Mobile Payments and Commerce – Mshop
2) Applications in Mobile Entertainment, Gaming and Utilities – Whive
3) Applications in Mobile Business and Enterprise – Uhasibu
4) Applications in Mobile Govt: Agriculture and Education – SchoolSMS
5) Applications in Mobile Health: MEDKenya
Congratulations to all the winners!!! We will be updating this blog with more news on the winners as well as Photos from the event.
A special thank you to all who participated

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Pivot 25 has arrived!!


June 13, 2011

With Pivot25 only a day away, the excitement is really starting to build here in Nairobi. The finalists submitted their final pitch decks and have been through intense rehersalst, and we are really impressed with what they have brought to the table. We have a few exciting things we’d like to share with you here before Pivot25. (more…)

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PIVOT25 Competition Finalists

Finalist, PIVOT East

May 13, 2011

A week ago we announced names of 25 finalists for PIVOT25. The finalists are now preparing to pitch their mobile applications at the conference in June 14th and 15th. Among the finalist are 2 entries from Rwanda, 1 from Uganda and 1 from Tanzania. More information about the finalist applications is availed below. (more…)

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Pivot 25 Partners with Afri-Tech to jointly promote Events


May 12, 2011

Pivot25 and Afri-Tech have partnered to jointly market both Events. The Afri-Tech summit on ‘Digital and Internet Marketing’ to be held in Kenya (June, 2011) is most appropriately timed considering the resurgence of Africa as one of the most untapped business destination. Outstanding business luminaries, philanthropists, government decision makers and one of the greatest NBA players of all time (Dikembe Mutombo) will be participating in this four day historic conference. (more…)

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Competition Entries are in!!


April 19, 2011

What a final rush to meet the 15th of April deadline for entry submission for Pivot25. We are truly impressed with the response. There is no doubt that the East African Mobile Developer community is strong. The hard work now begins, and we are excited to go through all the entries. We are very impressed with some of the quality of Entries and it’s going to be very hard to come up with the top 5 Companies in each Category.We only wish that we could give everyone an opportunity to showcase their applications at the event. I recently came across an article in the Forbes Magazine titled – Why Africa May Never Produce a Facebook, Groupon, Zynga or Google.
While I agree with the articles acknowledgment of Africa’s technology renaissance and do think that things are changing in regards to the perceptions of Venture Capitalists to Africa and African Technology Companies. More and More Investors are venturing onto the Continent and they are not disappointed with what they are witnessing.
We at mLab are doing our bit to foster innovation and highlight what African Technology Companies have to offer. The day is fast approaching – June14th and 15th at the ole Sereni in Nairobi. Come witness an Event of a different kind. Come witness the birth of some great ideas – get your Tickets

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Pivot 25


April 7, 2011

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the Pivot25 website. Pivot25 is a one of a kind Conference and Competition. Spread over two days, on the 14th and 15th of June at the Ole-Sereni Hotel, Pivot25 will showcase developer talent and applications from across the East African region.
So why now and why the name Pivot25? Well it’s quiet simple. The Continent and the region is at  the cross-roads of  a technology revolution. A revolution that is able to propel it and it’s citizens out of the often seen cloudy crystal ball of poverty, corruption, wars, famine, doom and gloom. At the head of this revolution is the Mobile Phone. One does not need to look too far to see the impact that this device has had on millions of lives. From Mobile Money to Farming Information, the mobile phone has done to Africa in a matter of a decade what other revolutions could not do in Centuries. Being at the cross-roads however is like being on a see-saw…. you can pivot up or down, and that’s where we are and that’s where the name came from. A competition to show case 5 categories each with 5 companies making a total of 25 Companies PIVOT25 (more…)

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April 7, 2011

More Great News!! Our good friends at DEMO have just announced that the Overall Winner of Pivot25 will get a free pass to Pitch their Applications at DEMO.
What is DEMO? – The feel you get when you enter the ballroom at DEMO is unlike any other conference. Each company is given just six minutes on the DEMO stage to truly demonstrate how their product will change the world. No PowerPoint or flashy corporate presentations allowed. Just the founders and the technologies many are staking their careers on… it doesn’t get any more straightforward and fast paced than that.

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