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Angani Support Entrepreneurs through PIVOT East

We are proud to announce that Angani is one of the Sponsors of PIVOT East. PIVOT East, now in its 5th year,  aims to  demonstrate its commitment to amplifying and consolidating the gains of East Africa’s mobile developer and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Established in 2013, Angani Ltd., is the first Kenyan public cloud computing and solutions provider located in Nairobi, dedicated exclusively to the provision of cloud services to the entire Eastern, Central and Southern African region.
With a current installed capacity and growing, of more than 2,500 Virtual Servers and in excess of 1 PB of storage capacity, in 2 redundant, reliable data centres in Kenya. Angani Ltd., has invested significantly in infrastructure and remains committed to doing so in the foreseeable future.
Angani are consistently at the forefront of supporting and enabling the Youth and SMEs actualize their ideas into income earning ventures. The founders of Angani believe that IT, like electricity and telephony, is a huge business enabler, especially for Mobile Application Developers. To mitigate against the significant costs of servers and other IT infrastructure, Angani seeks to provide a platform  where developers can lease high quality virtual infrastructure that meets international standards at “local” prices.
Under this partnership:


  • Angani will provide, 3 months free service for all finalist and up to Kshs 5,000 per month in Angani credits.
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  • They will also provide 12 months free service for the 5 winners and up to Kshs 10,000 per month in Angani credits for the winner in every category.

_ANGANI_-01Why angani believe the partnership with PIVOT East is important;


  1. They offer East African developers the opportunity to scale their businesses rapidly, as they can increase or decrease capacity as the need arises through their automated provisioning process
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  3. They offer free local bandwidth and transfer – This provides for significant reduction on the Total Cost of Ownership on their Virtual Servers, as developers need not pay any more for network bandwidth.
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  5. The Angani cloud is hosted in Kenya. This also means that developers are now able to improve the user experience for their customers with reduced latency, thus leading to significantly improved speeds. To this end, Angani, has invested in a 1 Gbps link on the KIXP link ensuring fast connectivity to all major ISP’s and Telco’s in Kenya
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  7. Because, they are a local company, they are able to offer both on site as well off site support 24/7, backed up by a comprehensive SLA.
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  9. Through the strong partnerships they have created with organisations like Microsoft, VMware, Xen, they guarantee you the best of breed technology and reduce the time it takes for developers to get their products to the market.

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